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Despite the nasty comments I sometimes get in my blogs, I thoroughly enjoy blogging. I feel so alive when I blog especially concerning issues that I feel strongly about. Be it exposing the lies and deception of a local church to promoting the need to free the people of Gaza from Israel, I feel so alive and fulfilled whenever I write articles that serve a definite purpose.

I also feel fulfilled whenever people from all over the world take the time to comment on my blog. Be it a positive or negative remark, I cherish comments that people from the U.S., Middle East, Europe or Asia post in my blog. In fact, I have become friends with some of those who frequently post comments. Through blogging, I am given the chance to make friends with people who I may never even get to meet personally.

But the most rewarding part of blogging for me is the realization that a lot of people care enough to read my blog. On a daily average, around 200 people read my blog. It just makes me so happy to realize that there are a lot of people who value what I have to say. People who read my blog just don’t know how much they make my life complete. They truly make blogging such a pleasure. With this blog, I wish to thank them with all my heart.


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When I googled Christ Commission Fellowship last night, I was surprised to come across the following official statement from a bestselling author :

More than 30,000 Filipinos attended the various conference events, including the five Sunday services where I preached on Israel at Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF), a dynamic pro-Israel evangelical church that sponsored and organized the conference. Dozens of senior government officials, Congressmen, military leaders, and most of the leading presidential and vice presidential candidates (national elections are in May) heard the message. Thousands more across the Philippines watched by live webcast and satellite TV broadcast, as well as through numerous media interviews. The conference will be turned into a DVD that will be distributed to pastors, ministry leaders and young people throughout Asia to help educate and mobilize a movement of pro-Israel Christians.

It is yet another proof that what I have been claiming all along is indeed true. CCF struck a deal through its pastors to promote and lobby for Israel and kept it a secret from its members. The pastors kept the deal a secret to prevent criticism from its more independent-minded members. Now, it makes it all clear as to why these pastors refuse to answer my accusations. Their deafening silence on my accusations now makes sense. Deep down inside, these pastors know that what I have been relentlessly blogging about is the truth. They will not and cannot refute the allegations. The embarrasing part for the pastors is that they were caught in their dangerous political advocacy and cover-up. Now I wonder what those fanatics, who don’t believe me, have to say with this new discovery.

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During his time, Robert Jaworski had legions of fans who made it a point to watch and support him. His fans were just too eager to die for him at the height of the Crispa-Toyota rivalry. Today, James Yap commands a large following as well. His fans are known to be serious and fierce supporters as well, making him most likely to follow the footsteps of the Big J.

But popularity seems to be the only thing that James Yap has in common with the living legend. For one, Jaworski never got entangled in much-talked about controversies involving other women. The Big J pretty much led a quiet family life during his prime. James Yap, on the other hand, is a hot item when it comes to affairs of the heart. Kris Aquino is always on guard because of her husband’s closeness to other women. Jaworski too treated his fans like real close friends and family members. In a recent episode of Wish Ko Lang, Jaworski went out of his way to spread good cheer to his long-time fan. I am not sure how Yap treats his fans. But I do know that he is generous to people he is close to.

While James Yap pretty much commands the same large and loyal following as Robert Jaworski, he still has a long way to go before he achieves the status of the living legend. The living legend was adored both on and off the court. Perhaps, Yap can learn a thing or two from Jaworski for him to finally deserve the honor of being compared with the Big J.

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Christ Commission Fellowship is currently erecting a 3.5 B peso building along C-5 in Pasig City. I am disgusted with this matter as I maintain that the huge amount of money could be used instead to fund a feeding program, build classrooms for poor students, create livelihood projects for slum dwellers or build a hospital that caters to the needy. Instead, the 3.5 billion peso fund is allocated for a ” training center for students, young professionals, lay people and pastors to become dynamic leaders.”

One thing that makes me say that it is a complete waste of funds for CCF to construct such a training center is the fact that CCF is lacking in biblical expertise. How can a church with limited biblical knowledge teach people about scriptures correctly ? In its most recent campaign concerning end times, CCF encountered problems precisely because of its limited knowledge in eschatology. To extricate itself from the mess, CCF simply answered in the following :

This FAQs article is not intended to be exhaustive nor dogmatic. CCF has its own perspective on the end times based on our understanding of the Scriptures. Our view is more broad than many churches and denominations. We understand that other churches, groups and individuals have different ways of interpreting the same passages. We respect them and will not force our interpretation on them. We hope they will stop forcing their interpretations and views on us.
Our mission is very clear – to make disciples of all nations. This includes bringing the good news of salvation to as many people as we can and disciple them to Christ-likeness. This is the reason why we came up with this campaign. It is not to impress people with the exactness of our eschatology. We make no such claim. At the end of the day we realize that we will be answerable to God, not for how much we know about the end times, but how we lived as followers of Jesus.

Finally, I cannot find a single verse in the bible that instructs Christians to build expensive buildings. What I do find however are instructions from Jesus Himself to feed and help the poor. It just makes me sick to the core that CCF would rather feed its ego with an expensive and majestic building than feed the poor that this country has a lot of.

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Japan earned an impressive victory over Cameroon to score its first ever victory outside Japan in the World Cup. With the win, Japan merely needs to draw its next two matches to secure a place in the next round.

While the victory of Japan comes as a big surprise, one cannot deny the fact that the Japanese team is very capable. The Samurai Blue has five players in its fold who play in tournaments outside Japan. Keisuke Honda, who scored the winning goal, plays for CSKA Moscow. What is definitely going for Japan is the presence of young athletic players in its line-up. The youngest player for Japan is merely 22 years old.

But the most potent weapon of the Samurai Blue is the tremendous support of the Japanese people for the team. Despite the losses suffered by the team in its tune-up games prior to the World Cup, the Japanese people have remained consistent with their support for the team. With the continuous support of its fans, the Samurai Blue might just surprise everyone and give glory to Japan in the process.

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To this day, CCF members refuse to accept my offer to accompany them to CBN Asia to watch the video that clearly reveals the lobby that their pastors made in Malacanang for Israel. A lot of fanatics have written offensive comments in my blog, all saying that what I write about CCF and its pastors are pure lies. But no one dares to take action to discover the truth about what is being written about in my blog. There seems to be a conscious effort to dismiss the accusations outright and leave the truth undiscovered.
It just saddens me to know that otherwise intelligent individuals can be so blinded with their loyalty to their church. Instead of investigating the issue, these fanatics merely resort to denials and dismissal of serious accusations. Worse, they attack the accuser and call him a pathological liar, a lousy writer and a fool. I can’t help but be dismayed that educated people can throw logic and common sense out the window just to protect their lying and deceitful pastors.
What is more telling is that the pastors of CCF choose to remain silent in the face of the accusations. Perhaps, the pastors are fearful of digging their own graves once they dare to issue an official statement. Perhaps to this day, the pastors cannot offer a possible and logical explanation for a political lobby that they made five months ago.

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Whatever one’s opinion of James Yap is, the fact remains that he is the heart and soul of Derby Ace. Despite the presence of an import, James Yap remains as the go-to-guy of the team during crucial moments. Plays are specifically designed for Yap to score the winning basket. More often than not, James Yap rises to the occassion.

What I don’t approve however is the PBA’s obvious attempt to capitalize on James Yap’s popularity for its political and financial survival. The PBA, currently in its lowest point in terms of popularity and financial standing, desperately pushes Yap into the limelight at every chance it gets. Note that most of the provincial games feature the Derby Aces and James Yap to ensure large crowds at the venues. While Ginebra remains the biggest draw among the teams, Derby Ace, I dare say, is a close second. And James Yap is in a league of his own when it comes to player popularity. Yap has the most number of commercial endorsements to clearly indicate his tremendous popularity and influence.

With two PBA teams rumored to be on their way out, it is quite understandable for the PBA to desperately capitalize on James Yap as a prime commodity. Desperate times after all call for desperate measures.

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